Hippity Hoppity.

Tee hee.

Every time the beat dropped the colors in the room flashed anew. A moronic smile hit my face as the weight in my chest began to rise.

Higher and higher.

I looked at Skrimp as his eyes were widening manically.

Dag hated the kool-aid. He hated losing control. But he wasn’t here.

What was one thing no neural wiring could give you?

Liquid rage.

I screamed out into the storm of sound and nothing happened. Higher! The crowd was pulsing, pushing us at its edges back towards the end of the room.

Under the vaulted ceilings of the theater, the three of us threw our solo cups up. The kool-aid was taking, I knew. I knew because I suddenly started to forget everything else but one thing.

“I’m feelin’ good!” I howled. “WATCH ME!” I threw my arms all the way up, stretching out. “WALLY?!”

His brow was furrowed, standing beside me, staring over-focused on the open air.

“Hey!” I beamed at him but he didn’t react. “What you seeing, man?!” He was watching one of the pyramids of chairs in the room’s corner. I pointed. “That?!”

He was transfixed. I laughed at him. Continue reading