Do you know what chaos is? It’s uniform. Like nothingness.

Rushes of lightning gauged my eyes. Molten metal ripped splintered holes in my torso. I didn’t lay down. Violent combustion rocked me to my core, sending limbs flying in a technicolor spasm of every sense. We were heroes. Kill them, fuck them, blow them all to hell. We couldn’t lose, we couldn’t stop, we couldn’t slow the rising crescendo’s blinding crash as it endlessly screamed on.

Stop it.

Take me out.

It’s all blaring static.

Darkness fell on me like a tonne of bricks.

My body sank to meet me in the floor, pulling me up into its dead inky mass. Sleep paralysis weighted me down while I regained my reality, eyes inching open.

As I sat up on the pad of my apartment floor, I struggled to breathe.

“…Jesus Christ.”

Nausea welled up as my heart pounded. I yanked the wires from my neck, stood up. It was mere steps to the back of my apartment. There, my bathroom, a tiled shower over an open toilet and mildewed curtain. I punched the stick-light over the mirror and leaned in, pressing my forehead to the surface, gripping the sink.

My breath fogged the glass as I looked under my brow into shadowed green eyes.

This fucker again.

No windows, wide and long, my apartment was a casket for pacing in, closing in around me.

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